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The theatre

Mini-DebConf Marseille

Mini-DebConfs are community-organized events to help people interrested by the Debian project gather, share and work together. They are much shorter, simpler and more frequent than regular yearly DebConfs.

Mini-DebConf Marseille 2019 took place during the weekend on May 25th-26th in the sunny city of Marseille, France.


The event took place in La Maison du Chant (The House of Singing), a singing and music school.

There is a theatre where 60-80 people can sit, a lounge with a wooden bar, and a few places to hang around.

It is located in downtown Marseille (49 rue Chape, 13004 Marseille), at walking distance from the train station and public transportation.

You can find transport instructions and directions on the Wiki


A few common questions are listed and answered on the Wiki page, for example :

  • How much does the conference cost?
  • How to vote for European elections?

There are also a few hotels recommendations.

Marseille is attractive for tourism, especially in May when the weather is sunny : follow our local tips (best places to go, restaurants).

Call for speakers

The final program is now published and the call for speakers is over. The call for lightning talks is also overs.

Code of Conduct

Like any other DebConf (and a growing number of events) we have a code of conduct to help making this event a safe place for everyone.

We chose the DebConf Code of Conduct, itself based on the general Debian Code of Conduct.


This event has been organized by Debian France and has been sponsored by Evolix, Bearstech and Logilab.


Registration are now over.

Optionally, you can also indicate your participation on the Debian wiki

Event Schedule

This schedule might be amended until the last moment.


Informal welcome

Staff members will be at the venue to welcome people who want to arrive early.
It will be possible to settle quietly on your own or gather as a group in the common room to work, collaborate, socialize…

The video team will setup its gear in the theatre room, with appreciated help from any volunteer.


Local community meetup

The local Provence Linux Users Group will have its meetup at the venue in order to help the local tech community and the broader Debian community to meet.

During those meetups, attendants bring their drinks and food to share : alcool or soft drinks, snacks… Later they order pizzas for those who want have some (everyone pays for its half pizza).

For this event, the Mini-DebConf organizers will provide part of the drinks, snacks and pizzas.



A typical french breakfast will be available with tea, coffee, croissants, fruit juices…


Morning sessions

09:45 : Welcome talk

We will welcome everyone, introduce the schedule and give practical information

10:00 : Migration to testing and visualization [En] – Cyril Brulebois

It might take some efforts to make sure a package and all of its dependencies are candidates for migration to testing; instead of checking individual packages (time-consuming, likely mistakes or omissions), consuming britney's excuses file makes it easy to extract clusters/graphs of related packages.

10:40 : autoforwardportergit, automating the merging of downstream changes [En] – Peter Michael Green

I co-founded the Raspbian project, to provide an armv6 hard-float variant of Debian, to do this local changes were needed in a number of packages and manually bringing these forward to the new versions from Debian rapidly became a drag.

Therefore I developed the autoforwardporter tool to automate this process, initially it was based around debdiff and patch, but after some discussions with Ian Jackson I decided it was a good idea to rebuild it around dgit. I later took steps to generalise the tool so it would be useable by projects other than Raspbian.

11:25 : break
11:40 : 5 years of Debian LTS funding, what's next? [En] – Raphaël Hertzog

On June 2014, Freexian invoiced the first LTS sponsors. 5 years later, a small retrospective is in order. From there we will question ourselves on why LTS was so successful and whether the Debian community can leverage money to pay contributors at a larger scale.


"Buffet" lunch

We plan to have a vegetarian lunch. When you register you can tell us about more specific food constraints and we'll do our best to respect them.


afternoon sessions

13:45 : Key-signing party

More details on the wiki page.

14:15 : ActivityPub and the federated social networks [En] – Elena "of Valhalla" Grandi

I've been on the federated social networks since 2013 and tried to promote them and self/community hosting in my local community.

The state of the federated social networks after the adoption of the ActivityPub standard, why it is important for computing freedom and what is being done and can be done inside Debian to help.

14:45 : Welcome team and non-packaging contribution opportunities in Debian [En] – Laura Arjona Reina

There are many different ways to contribute to Debian, apart of packaging software and maintaining it.

I will explain the idea behind the Welcome Team in Debian and some contribution opportunities that don't need packaging skills.

15:30 : Debian France presentation [Fr/En ?] – Denis Briand

Presentation of the association Debian France by its freshly elected president.

16:00 : break and group phto
16:30 : Hardening Debian 10 (Buster) [Fr/En ?] – Frédéric Lenquette

La sécurité sous Linux a toujours été un point fort du système d'exploitation par rapport aux autres OS propriétaires. Quels sont les mécanismes mis en place dans la nouvelle version de Debian et comment les renforcer ?

Dans cette conférence nous aborderons les points suivants : nouveautés de Buster en terme de sécurité, options de compilation, protections autour de systemd, patchs du kernel…

17:10 : The French localization in the Debian project [Fr] – Thomas Vincent, Jean-Philippe Mengual and Alban Vidal

The French localization (l10n) team will present their work: why is localizing Debian important, the numerous translation subprojects, how to contribute to the l10n effort.

Several members of the team will attend the Mini-DebConf and will happily answer to your questions and help you make your first contribution.


Social event

The event will take place at a local beer place : La Cane Bière.
Everyone will have their first drink paid by organizers.

Other beverages than beer will be available, including soft drinks.


Dinner will be self-organized by groups going to restaurants. There are plenty of options at walking distance.



A typical french breakfast will be available with tea, coffee, croissants, fruit juices…


Morning session

10:00 The DebConf Videoteam explained [En] – Louis-Philippe Véronneau and Nicolas Dandrimont

Lurking behind cameras and playing with strange mixing consoles, the DebConf Videoteam labors in the shadows, trying to record and stream all the Debian-related conferences.

In this talk, Nicolas and Louis-Philippe will shine some light on the Videoteam setup and share some of the technical challenges the team has experienced in the past.

10:30 : Self-organized lightning talks and BoFs [Fr/En]

This sessions will be self organized. The main room and other smaller rooms will be available to give some lightning talks or discuss/hack on specific subjects.

12:00 : Closing remarks]

Day-trip or hanging around

A day-trip will be organized for people who want to visit Marseille and/or its surroundings. Depending on people choice, we'll offer 2 options : an urban hike to visit the city and its most interresting places, or a boat-trip to small islands (Frioul) where we'll visit the Iron Mask's castle and hike near the sea.

A brown bag lunch will be provided for the day-trip participants.

Those who'd rather stay at the venue will have some room to continue hacking or socializing. The equivalent of the brown bag lunch will be provided for them too.

The video-team will need help to pack the video-gear.


Help us

Any help in organizing this event is appreciated. A list of things to do is available in the repository.